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  • What Would You Share if You Found a Diary Tied to a Park Bench? If you happened upon a diary tied to a bench with an invitation to write anything and the understanding that anyone can read your anonymous entry, what would you write?
    Dessa Lohrey
  • Out of Uniform: A Firefighter Pedals a Message of Safety As a young kid, I always looked up to those, who at their best, could make a difference, helping those at their worst. Since the first grade, I was determined to become a firefighter, but in order to do so I needed to get in shape. A good friend convinced me to purchase my first road bike and before long, I found that cycling would become much more than just a workout — It was an enjoyable way of life. In 2009, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a full-time, structure firefighter.
    Brendan Lyons

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