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  • Financial Literacy Should Be the Norm for Millennials, But Why Isn't It? My mission was to develop new methods to engage the millennial generation in their personal finances, which took understanding how my peers currently managed their student loans, credit cards, credit scores, and budgeting.
    The GOOD Life
    Sean Kolodziej
  • Why Micro Social Enterprises Matter Our customers trade directly with small and micro-enterprises that support communities with limited access to basic human needs, including Tibetan refugees in India, rural artisans in Peru and disadvantaged Cambodian communities. By removing costly supply chains and middlemen, maximizing transparency and enabling direct communication, we can return the share of profits back to the people who need it most.
    George Hiley
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Why Pennsylvania's House of Representatives loves hemp. http://t.co/fdzDV0nlYD http://t.co/6zusDsm72Y