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  • A New Holiday Tradition: Out with the New, In with the Old Recently, my company iFixit—a free, online repair manual for everything—launched a partnership with sustainable apparel company Patagonia. Our shared goal: teach people how to fix their stuff. Usually at iFixit, we fix electronics. This time, we fixed clothing.
    Cait Emma
  • Every School Should Have a Farm to Feed Its Students Our vision for Schoolyard Farms was, and still is, to build farms on every schoolyard that can feed their cafeterias. Unlike Edible Schoolyard and FoodCorps—two admirable organizations that help schools build and maintain school gardens with the support of grant funding and donations—Schoolyard Farms is using a social enterprise model.
    Courtney Leeds

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One country plans to give dozens of old military bases back to nature http://t.co/bRA2dVjEuG http://t.co/ZZylbHYS0Q